88/365 – Meditation Games #88 – The Determined Pawn

Determination is a big part of trying to ensure that you accomplish what you want to in life. While it isn’t the whole of every recipe to do so, and is by no means a guarantee of success, sheer will isn’t something that is to be underestimated, especially as it relates to being able to get to where you need to one step at a time. Such as it is that this Meditation Games entry is about that very feeling and that very trait, especially in the face of hardship and difficulty.

87/365 – Meditation Games #87 – Window Contemplation

Contemplation is a big part of meditation, in part because of the fact that it forces you out of your frame of reference and into one that has you look at what you’ve decided and took action on in your life. In a sometimes hectic world where decisions can sometimes be made in the moment and where big choices can have you moving a mile a minute without being able to think about them, being able to take time to think about what’s happened can arm yourself for the future. A bus ride, especially one that occurs over the course of hours, is one setting where this can be processed and thought about, and is the perfect setting for this entry.

86/365 – Meditation Games #86 – Partner In Life

When you find someone that you can rely on and count on, as Javier appears to have in today’s Meditation Game, there is a sense of confidence and even invincibility that surrounds you, much like a cloak on a cold winter day. You feel like you can take on anything, work through anything, and stand any hardship. You feel that you can pick up cars, carry children out of a burning building, and in essence be ready for the inevitable challenges the world throws at you. Finding someone like this is a rare gift, and whether it show up in the form of a close family member, someone you become involved with romantically or someone who becomes one of your best friends, it’s a great feeling to have.

85/365 – Meditation Games #85 – Colorful Changes

Color is associated most commonly with being vibrant and full of life, of being surrounded by a wonder and an appreciation for ones own environment. It’s one of the things that most of us take for granted as far as being able to see it and see those differences. In nature is probably where you see that the most, because there are so many different shades, hues, and colorings to see among the vastness of land untouched by modern man. In nature itself, there are days in which this is so very apparent as well, which is why today’s Meditation Game from Colorfiction is both bright and significant in its presentation.

84/365 – Meditation Games #84 – Awesome Cats

It’s funny sometimes how pets can sometimes acquire value that can exceed that of another human being. Most people who have pets accept them as family, so it’s already a given that they’re equal to any other family member in their eyes. But every so often, the value goes even higher, and curiously enough, happens more often with cats. It might be because of the fact that they seem to hold themselves in higher esteem and mostly expect to be treated well (or perhaps even better) compared to their human counterparts.

82/365 – Meditation Games #82 – Karaoke Spirits

While I’ve admittedly not karaoke’d as much as I would have liked over the years, the times that I have went ahead and done so are times that I’ve enjoyed, and for the most part that’s because of the fact that it’s a social activity that allows everyone to have the same level of embarrassment about singing ability (or in some cases, awe in those that actually have some). I’ve always been cool with karaoke nights because they’re just fun with a group of friends who don’t take themselves seriously.

81/365 – Meditation Games #81 – Breathe

Many games in the Meditation Games series ask you to reflect on a theme, an idea, a thought, or a goal, but few of them  take it to the literal level as the one from today’s entry. Set in a peaceful beach with a beautiful view and very few people around, the goal of the game is to control your breathing, allowing you to alternately focus on the relaxing landscape and your own self-reflection that comes from it.

80/365 – Meditation Games #80 – Glowing Light From Difficult Darkness

In many religions, there is a time when there is a remembrance and recognition of the inevitable adversity one goes through in life and in faith, accompanied by a celebration of coming out on the other side of it, of being able to hold steadfast, whether in that faith or in that selfsame life, that makes the adversity and the journey worthwhile. That’s sort of the message that appears to be sent with this Meditation Games entry, as you play through a game where you’re taking something, infusing a little light into the darkness, and eventually coming out bursting at the seams with a bright celebration of smiles, colors, and bounces.