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7/365 – Meditation Games #7 – Learning Mood Swings

Author: Mattias Ditto Dittrich Launcher Quote:¬†“No matter how much we try to control it, our mood will always swing back and forth. Every time the mood changes we learn something, and the line grows. Use the mouse to interact with what’s happening. The game ends

6/365 – Meditation Games #6 – Piecing Together Success

Developer:¬†Bertine van Hovell tot Westerflier Launcher Quote:¬†“When you launch a new thing into the world, there is always that pinch of doubt and anxiety; will people even find your little creation? Did you even do it well enough for people to care? And sometimes it’ll

5/365 – Meditation Games #5 – Remembering 5J

In its simplicity, Ludipe’s 5J conveys not just the process of grieving and remembering someone who we love that we lose, but also one of the most familiar presentation elements for games, that being the juxtaposition of two instances of what is essentially the same scene or setting in a game.

3/365 – Meditation Games #3 – Depressive Dragging Toward The Light

Today’s game seemed to depict this heavy, weighty feeling, and the pixie/firefly/moth of light you controlled served as a means to try to help lift that depressive weight and move it towards something better. Not surprisingly, I found it extremely hard. Parts I pulled seemed to come briefly to life, only to sag under the burden of a dark miasma that settled down on the rest of the body.

2/365 – Meditation Games #2 – Heart Balloon

I picked up day 2’s Meditation Game by Adriel Wallick, which was accompanied by a prolific thought about how during the holiday, Adriel struggled with trying to balance their time with friends/family and keeping up their own internal energy.

1/365 – Meditation Games #1 – TEMPRES’d Beginnings

TEMPRES, the first entry in this project, was the game that apparently inspired Rami to create the Meditations Games project. Because this was my first foray into not only a game but the project, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

0/365 – Meditation Games #0 – A Byte-Sized New Beginning

I’ve decided to blog post once per day for the entirety of 2019 on each game in the project. I’m no stranger to blog-post-a-day challenges – I accomplished one in 2016 as a means to reboot my writing brain, after all – but in the spirit of the project, I’m adding a twist, one that just happens to help with how aggressive my schedule is. Each post will be bite-sized, taking no longer than 5 minutes to read, and unlike my habit of writing and re-writing drafts will be completely off-the-cuff and reflect my experience and thought of the game of the day.