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65/366 – Disc Cutter

I used to be kept prisoner by the great and powerful DVD disc in order to view my favorite shows and movies. No longer.

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Surface Tension

Oh man, Microsoft really threw down the gauntlet yesterday, didn’t they? I sort of feel like any of those scenes from “You Got Served”¬†where someone pulled off a really awesome dance move and the crowd was like “damnnnnnnn”, and, and….wait, why are you giving me

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The Reassurance Of The Old-Fashioned Way

I know I write a ton of articles on how the advancement of geek tech has meant awesome things for our society, and that the Luddites among us need not fear that they will one day wake up to a future where robots will rule

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Science Fiction’s Future Reality

The other day I was flipping around videos on YouTube and happened upon the always-funny, never dull Picard song. This, of course, prompted me into an hour or two long tour through some of the best of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And if it

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…In Which I Most Certainly Do NOT Play Geek Nostradamus

Before I get started today, a random question…what is with the whole “mysterious hands floating around a crystal ball” thing, anyway? While searching for images to yoink for today’s post there was an eerie similarity in how people handle crystal balls (insert “that’s what she