29/365 – Meditation Games #29 – Sweet Spot

In many ways the simple nature and need of pets is envious to us human types. Pets go through life with very specific needs and wants, and as far as trying to satisfy them, much of the time it’s as easy as finding a nice little spot where they like to be skritched or petted and giving them a few minutes of relaxed satisfaction. If only we were so easy to please.

27/365 – Meditation Games #27 – Blog Therapy

Today’s entry from Anton is a little closer to me because it hits up a practice that I’ve been doing on and off since about 2004 or so in blogging/journaling. I started out on LiveJournal, the choice of platform for that George R. R. Martin guy, and which was back in the day the premier place for putting things down if you didn’t have a website of your own to set up a blogging platform. My reasons for blogging haven’t really changed from back then – for me it’s a way of reflecting and thinking, of keeping my writing skill sharp, and, to a certain extent, as a cathartic exercise, a way of moving out what I have rolling around in my head and onto a page so it isn’t getting in the way or bothering me.

25/365 – Meditation Games #25 – Train Meditations

Developers: Laura Voss, Simon Pederick, Ben Harmon Launcher Quote: “Not only is January 25th Laura’s Birthday, but it is smack bang in the middle of Australian summer. The sounds of the Australian bush, desert, and animals partnered with repetitive train ambiance creates (we hope) a meditative space. This game is based on Continue Reading

24/365 – Meditation Games #24 – Clean Clicking

It’s fairly topical right now to have a game like Richard’s that talks about cleaning, especially with all the Marie Kondo talk going around about turning to the minimalist KonMari method to make sure that you’re not overwhelmed with your own clutter and the things you inevitably acquire and keep during your lifetime. I also get and understand the anxiety that you can feel over trying to deal with a mess that’s intimidating and that you might not have the mental space to deal with the encroaching invasion that junk can have on your physical space, too.