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Ever get tired of all the trendy “rants” that blogs tend to have these days?

Ever wonder if bloggers sometimes have their cereal pissed in every day to have the hate they do?

Ever want to read something that might make you feel good instead of wanting to punch something?

Enter Overly Positive, the geek media blog that seeks to give you a dose of sugar with that heaping helping of bitterness you read about every day. There’s a lot to be said about the silver lining in much of the crappy news that flies around the ‘Net regarding the geek arts and this blog is primed to deliver it to you, piping hot, fresh out of the blog brain oven. While Overly Positive recognizes that blind idealism and optimism isn’t always the order of the day, what you will find here is a sanctuary from the anger, rage, and hatred you might see elsewhere on the Internet. ¬†Negative is inevitably a part of the online space, so we say, why not have a place you can visit where you’re guaranteed a little sunshine and information.

Here’s some sites far more famous than this one that have backlinked to Overly Positive for a bump in traffic. Thanks for the extra hits, guys!

In case you’re curious about who writes for Overly Positive, here’s the lowdown:

  • Frank has been in some pretty interesting places in his internet travels, but some of the most unique include Anime Central,¬†BioWare and Curse. This equates to your run-of-the-mill geek with a bit of exposure to online and offline communities, how they work, and how they behave – and sure, it might have cracked him a little but he lives to tell the tale. IT by day, Community by night, long-winded blogger by either, it’s no wonder he’s turned to optimism to preserve sanity. You can also find him as one-half of The Netophiles, the Always On, Always Connected weekly podcast about everything online.
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