364/365 – Meditation Games #364 – Memory Collection

Developer: Octavi Navarro

Launcher Quote: “The last day you see a loved one, that last moment, it’s stuck with you forever. The words I didn’t say because I was too distracted, or too shy…the exact corner where we said goodbye to each other.

He passed away two months later, after a long agony in hospital. But I’ll always remember December 30th, 2017, as the last day I spent some quality time with that lovely, smart, and cultivated man I was lucky to have as my dad. Our last words, laughs, and our last hug, days before he stopped answering our calls and messages. Before that stroke that took him away.

Accepting that life goes on without that loved one in it is the hardest part.

I miss you ever day.

Love you dad.”

We’ve seen quite a few eulogies in game form for this year’s Meditations Games project, and many of them have tugged a bit at my heartstrings as far as being able to convey the emotional pain and missing feeling that the developers have seen for loved ones and people that are otherwise no longer in their lives any more. In many of them, there’s a bit of a bleakness to the presentation, a kind of emptiness that gets shown to us that tries to get to the source of the developer’s loss. Here, however, I think we see that in stark detail, as you’re not just seeing or feeling the bleak mood being presented but also taking an active role in running through the bittersweet memories and objects that make up the lost loved one.

The presentation here conveys this in a number of ways, such as through touching various objects, walking through a landscape that seems like it’s broken down, and also, eventually, seeming to end suddenly into darkness. In this sense, we’re taking a bit of a mini journey through this person’s life, celebrating their achievements while at the same time giving their memory the somberness that is appropriate for such a presentation. It felt, to me, like a last quest and a last trip down memory lane before placing these memories away, tucking them into a bundle of emotion that is partially pain, partially sadness, and partially an attempt to try to treasure those memories and move on afterwards. It gives it a power and significance that helps us as the players feel those emotions and feelings more keenly.

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