362/365 – Meditation Games #362 – Soul Quest

Developer: Joel Conway

Launcher Quote: “Hello my name is Joel. The 28th is my birthday, please enjoy my meditation.”

At their core, I’ve always kind of made fun of fetch quests in the RPG games that I’ve played. There’s an old comic out there that probably encapsulates exactly how I feel about them – an NPC, literally 20 feet away, wanting you to grab an object that the PC is utterly confused about being asked to retrieve for them. It’s the kind of timesink that, done frequently and in mostly the same way, is ultimately a timewaster or a level builder.

But added with meaning, it’s actually not really a fetch quest at all. Rather, it feels more like you’re doing something of agency to affect the world around you, and you’re not really feeling like it’s mindless busywork. That’s why with the developer’s take on it, in terms of treating it as a worthy quest to save souls and help them move on (something that I am distinctly reminded of from watching way too many supernatural procedurals), it doesn’t seem like a drag or a chore. You’re making a difference, and not just in the short term, but in the long term, for more than just one random NPC that needs something done in a certain quantity. Would that most other work would be as easy to deal with – but even though that might be the case, we could maybe take a lesson on how to make our work – our real life fetch quests – just a little bit more bearable.

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