355/365 – Meditation Games #355 – Snow Globe Solstice

Developer: Raindrinker

Launcher Quote: “December 21 is the shortest day of the year, and the first day of winter, cold and snow (or something completely different for the southern hemisphere friends).
I’ve made a small toy that brings a bit of winter feelings and shows how little light there is in the shortest day of the year. Have a nice winter!”

The shortness of days is something that I’ve come to expect as the Winter Solstice comes around, and by the time I get to this, the shortest of days, I’m used to the fact that by mid to late afternoon, it gets quite dark, and the evening seems to come upon things suddenly, if not accompanied by the cold and the snow that usually gets paired with it. I do tend to think of it as just another day most years, but there are times when I do feel it come upon where I live with a bit of harshness as far as how severe the day changes to night.

A snow globe seems appropriate for the developer to show how things seem for the solstice, even if not much happens in the globe other than a few flakes of snow that seem to fill up the bottom. The point is to show how the light both reaches its apex and wanes with equal suddenness, and to kind of reduce the time needing to be spent observing what happens on the shortest day of the year to a less-than-5 minute experience. Snow globes are meant to be miniature recreations of things that happen, a sort of preservation of the setting and the snowflakes that accompany a event frozen in time, so the solstice, short as it is, is perfect for this, a kind of blink-and-you-miss it occurrence once a year that needs to be shown to others for which it means something different (hence the Southern hemisphere comment from the developer) or gets past them without any kind of fanfare. It’s also, for me, a reminder that getting past this means the days begin to get longer once more, until we’re at its summer equivalent and a sunset that doesn’t happen til well into the evening – and with no snow, to boot.


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