353/365 – Meditation Games #353 – Creativity Clearing

Developer: Dan Lance

Launcher Quote: “Just…staring at a void. Blanking out. I’ve been burnt out as of late and was hoping taking on a new project would be just the thing to pull me out of a slump, but I didn’t have the inspiration. So, I went for a drive. I took a walk. I hoped to find some inspiration, but nothing manifested. I’m starting to realize I haven’t been properly feeding my creativity, and it’s something I need to fix.

I just want to say that you can’t beat yourself down when you find yourself in a dead zone creatively. Understanding when to step away and recharge is an important part of the creative process. Don’t worry that you’re not producing at the same speed as others or that you aren’t actively making something. Don’t worry about being ‘good enough.’ Be proud of the progress you’ve made. Even tiny steps count toward progress.”

I’ve felt pretty keenly the kind of feeling that the developer has communicated with both the launcher quote and the game with the content in question. Creativity, and being blocked by your own mental space in trying to encourage it to come to the surface, has always been a bit of a challenge for me. There’s a bunch of things that I try to ensure I have in my head that seem like good ideas that I tend to put pen to paper about, or make electronic notes for, that come to me as ideas for writing, podcasting, or otherwise creating. But the fact of the matter is that people who do come up with a bunch of ideas, as I tend to do, seem to have the greater challenge in trying to sort those out in order to move forward with making something.

This game, a kind of exploration game that reminded me of the old school Atari games where you’d be randomly going around to different parts of the map, is one where even though you’re kind of wandering a lot, you’re accomplishing a purpose in that you’re trying to not have to bother with distractions from your own mind that impede the creative process. A walk outside, where you’re able to just travel and try to not think about having to stress yourself out with the need to have to create is just the ticket to give you a mental reset – it’s why many people who create content tend to do things that distract or occupy their time so that they can come back to a place where they can be better creatives and better innovators. There wasn’t any real obvious objective in doing this wandering in the game, nor should there be – that’s the very point of being able to mentally reset yourself and clear the creativity space to do more.


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