352/365 – Meditation Games #352 – Doubting Thought Miasma

Developer: Jose Castanheira

Launcher Quote: “I’ve lived most of my life with feelings that sometimes drain my energy or block me from doing anything productive. These feelings are born from thoughts and doubts that pile up on each other, making them heavier each time. As they bounce around my head it is a struggle to have control on myself and I become slower and life passes by faster. Taking your time and breathing those thoughts out helps. This is a silly game that tries to capture those moments, from waking up to leaving the house and get the head filled with something else. Enjoy!”

Trying to visualize doubt and the kind of mental miasma that tends to gum up the works is a bit of difficult prospect – after all, those kind of things are more mental constructs and concepts than they are truly physical or corporeal things. That being said, they are no less impactful, especially in the context of trying to figure out how to try to deal with them or cope with them, or worse yet, suffer from them.

I’ve played a bunch of movement-based puzzlers before, but this one seemed to really encapsulate the struggle it is to make it through your environment without having to be weighed down by the doubts and fears you carry around with you. The form that these take appear to be as clouds and fogs, things which threaten to choke you with the weight of their very essence and being. There’s a problem in that as you move, they move with you, trying to cling to you desperately and accompany you wherever you go. It’s a tough idea to kind of grasp at first, but once you know how to eject such thoughts from your mind or at least push them away so they aren’t occupying your need to get things done, it’s a matter of making sure you do things which shake them loose from your brain. In this sense, having it be a puzzle to solve is entirely appropriate, and making it to the outdoors ultimately rewarding as a goal to go where you need to without having so much fog literally clogging your headspace.

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