351/365 – Meditation Games #351 – The Expanding Maze

Developer: Stuffed Wombat

Launcher Quote: 

I wrote previously about Katamari Damacy in the context of it being a destructive force, one wielded with an ever-increasing boulder of stuff that you roll up into it. But one of the things that I didn’t talk about was one of its appeals – the idea that as you accomplish and collect more, your field of view changes. In all the stages, you start out very small, looking at very small things, and as you collect more and more, your field of vision expands, allowing you to see more of the setting in larger and grander detail. It’s a kind of mouse maze that expands up, panning the camera back so that you’re able to expand your field of view even as you look to get further through collecting more to do so. It’s definitely the kind of mechanic that I was reminded of when I played this game, which focused on collecting things that allowed you to expand your path view in the game environment.

As a metaphor for life and one’s journey through it, it’s certainly very apt. We tend to be running through our very narrow viewpoints, through what we think is a predetermined maze of paths. But as we collect more and more things which in many cases could be seen as different perspectives, experiences, and interactions, our view of the world increases. We begin looking at things in the greater, long-term picture rather than the smaller, short-term one. We try to look above where we are and hopefully gain a better idea of where we are going. In that sense, treating it as a collectible power-up in a game is all the more appropriate.

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