347/365 – Meditation Games #347 – Flooding Fear

Developer: David Cribb

Launcher Quote: 

I’ve never been a particularly good swimmer, and the times when I’ve actually had to do so were done with a sense of dread coupled with the ongoing idea that were I to end up where I’m not supposed to be in the water that I’d probably be in serious trouble. As such, I had a bit of a difficult time playing this game, where you’re trapped in a room as it fills up with water and the objects within are affected as the water level goes up.

I focused a bit on the book that floated up for this because more than the other stuff that was in the room that was flooding it, it served a bit of a microcosm for the things that I was losing, aside from, potentially, my life of course. Books serve as a window into not only people’s insights but a preservation of history, so imagining the book as a precious photo album, a diary or journal kept of memories, or as a favorite, well-worn tome now dying a watery death was particularly unnerving for me. It was as if not only I was going to lose my life drowning, but the rest of the things that made me, me were going to as well. Luckily, this is the kind of game experience you can just turn off before it reaches its end, and that was something that I had no problem doing in this instance.  Sometimes the game is a bit too real and you need to walk away from it.

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