346/365 – Meditation Games #346 – Glass Half-Full

Developer: Thomas Wood

Launcher Quote: 

Oftentimes there is a presentation in these games that I’ve played that isn’t immediately apparent when looking at them or when reading what was said in the quote (which I unfortunately lost for this entry as I didn’t retrieve it before writing this). You’re left with playing with the item or thing in question that the developer creates, and the game, in many cases, just ends. In this case, you have a little orb or glass that fills and eventually gets all the way full, but which is meant to evoke an idea for memory and for, I think, running out of space to hold any more.

Aside from the connotation I got that seemed to compare forgetting things to having a hard drive too full of stuff in order to accommodate any more, I did take a bit of an optimistic take here, a kind of glass half-full idea of what was happening to the glass as it filled up. I took it to mean that we experiencing so much in our lives that unless we had an amazing memory, that we’d never really get to the point where we would remember all of it. Instead, we prioritize what fills up our glass of memory with the things that matter, the things that aren’t forgettable nor should be, and the things which end up shaping our lives. Even though no matter what I did, the glass filled up, I could still take it as a sense that what it was filling up with was, mostly, significant memories, both good and bad, and things which ended up making me who I am today. It’s not always easy to take this attitude, but then again, it’s probably part of why my blog is named the way that it is.

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