345/365 – Meditation Games #345 – Celebrating Others

Developer: Sithe Ncube

Launcher Quote: “When we praise others, we praise ourselves
When we celebrate others, we celebrate ourselves
When we uplift others, we uplift ourselves
When we help others, we help ourselves

Our lives are reflected in those of the ones we love

Celebrate someone today”

One thing that I think isn’t encouraged more often that this game tries its damndest to get across is being happy for and celebrating the accomplishments of others. We live in a world where oftentimes the message is that we need to look out for number one first, and that we should do whatever we can to get ahead in life, for our own enrichment and barely anyone else’s. That may come with some kind of modicum of success, as those that are driven to enrich themselves do often find some level of success, whether it’s financial, in their career, or in other places.

What I think is great about this game, which celebrates specifically a graduation day for someone that is achieving a milestone in their life, is the fact that it focuses on the other instead of the self. The idea that we should take care of ourselves, but that we shouldn’t neglect to uplift others even as we uplift ourselves is the kind of positive feedback loop that I think is missing from today’s awareness of what it means to be happy and to succeed. A lot of times, I’ve felt a sense of pride and accomplishment for those that meet or even exceed my ability in the same arena, after I’ve initially helped them where they’re supposed to be, or after I’ve mentored them to a place where they not only stand on their own two feet but also help others to do the same. That kind of ability to pass along the best of yourselves to others, and help them do the same in turn, might not be the most self-serving goal but it’s a worthy goal for everyone overall and something which, in many instances, comes back around to you and does benefit you in some way. It’s an attitude that I wish we could make more prevalent in today’s dog-eat-dog world.

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