344/365 – Meditation Games #344 – Holiday Meditation

Developer: Nikki Arezza

Launcher Quote: “December 10th

A time where regardless of what year it is, will be spent stressing out about getting everything done before the holidays.

During these times I usually find it hard to relax or even just take a moment to myself, especially with the additional stressors from work, family, friends, and classes.

However when I think about when I was a kid and rarely had to worry about all of those things (or at least most of them), I would spend a lot of time looking outside and appreciating how pretty everything looks when covered in snow and lights.

Seeing how easy it is to overstimulate yourself on a consistent basis let alone during the holiday season, made me think that we all need to take a moment to just stop and relax.

For that reason I wanted to make something that gives you an excuse to stop and breathe.

Incorporating the need to relax and a nostalgic holiday feeling, I made a scenery that will respond to mouse input simulating the 4 second breathe-in/out exercise meant to help calm down.

Remember that through the chaos of the holiday season there is always time to breathe.”

A lot of the entries this year have focused on, not surprisingly, being in the right kind of mindset to think about and reflect on things, a sort of meditative state that allows you to appreciate what you have, think about what’s been done, and then move forward from there as a means of re-focusing things. There are few times of the year that dictate that sort of necessity than the holidays do, with their focus on getting ready for family get-togethers, shopping for gifts, or simply trying to get through the coming weeks and the effect they have on normal stuff. This is when a simple appreciation of nature and a calm setting tend to help the most, and that’s what we’re seeing here.

A lot of these games have presented static images with minimal ways of being able to affect them, and that’s fine. This is especially true of nature, where you can’t really influence what’s happening on, say, a snow-filled night watching the ground be covered from the warmth of a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. It’s the kind of imagery that both awes with its spectacle while at the same time allows you to relax in its non-holiday stressing simplicity. Nature and what happens during the holidays as far as its concerned just is – it isn’t something that demands anything of you, forces you into doing things and going places you might not be looking forward to. It’s the kind of thing that is needed even if that means you take a little more time to get something done, as the mental reset and the brief relaxation ultimately gives you the ability to move forward and go through the usual holiday rigmarole for longer. A short term meditative investment for a long-term gain has never been the thing that has been shown as worthless.

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