343/365 – Meditation Games #343 – Expression In The Darkness

Developer: Zeke Virant

Launcher Quote: “Now I am a flower,

(we are giving ourselves names to feel lighter; we are easily tricked)

a way of expressing ourselves: finding a voice to simply have one

(finding a voice; not simply having one)

Cutting down a bush and arranging the leaves:

Cover the room with anything and think of a flower,

(if you can do all things).”

Some of the games in this series have tried to convey a kind of sense of what you’re supposed to be thinking, but don’t immediately connect that to the game that they ultimately have designed for the day. There’s nothing wrong with this, as I think in these instances you have more freedom to determine how you’re supposed to feel and come to your own conclusions, as I’ve purported for many games throughout this project, but in no other entry is this more apparent than the one that got presented here.

In some of these other games, you get a sense of the visuals to try to accomplish the message the game is trying to send, but for this one, you’re given a black screen for the most part, with only the galaxy-and-space like soundtrack and a gradual visualization of a sea of stars to kind of guide you along. This, I think, is more appropriate to the launcher quote that is at first apparent, as you get a sense of duality through the statements both in parentheses and those without, and to try to “find a voice” is the point of playing through the game in question. There’s no one right path here – just a sense of what might seem like what you’re supposed to feel or get evoked as far as what you’re expressing, and which you otherwise get nothing but darkness, the stars, and the music as a guidepost. In many ways, that’s the genesis of an idea or a thought you’re looking to express, and that’s part of what I think the developer was trying to get at here.

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