339/365 – Meditation Games #339 – Avian Gift Delivery

Developer Credits: Karim Sempel, Pimm “de Chinchilla” Hogeling

Launcher Quote: “ledereen heeft goeds in zich.

Het staat geschreven

in mijn grote boek.

It is no mix-up.

There’s goodness in everyone.

My big book knows all.”

I thought about a curious topic that playing this game on the day it came out made me think of, and that was the idea of why I’m such a completionist when it comes to fetch quests in games. Sure, part of it might be the rewards and also being able to look at an area and say that it’s complete, but I think a lot of it might be because of the fact that I personally find fetch quests to be quite fulfilling. The idea that I’m delivering something to a character who might need it, sometimes desperately, gives me a sense of joy at completing it, because I feel like I’m helping. It’s probably also the same idea behind why I tend to send cookies around every year at Christmas.

Delivering gifts as  a bird flying around the rooftops for the holiday is a bit like seeing the fetch quest kind of unfold at its most basic core. You gather a resource or item that’s needed and you deliver it to the location and get the feeling of accomplishment and value that giving it to someone who needs it tends to elicit. You’re doing work that involves a somewhat repetitive task, but have the feeling that you’re helping, and it shows in terms of the positive benefits you get from doing that. It’s a thought that I think might need to be in more games these days that have these types of quests, and playing a bird just accelerates that feeling of satisfaction as you’re delivering, literally, from the air.


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