338/365 – Meditation Games #338 – Watched Clocks Never Boil

Developer: Ryan Langewisch

Launcher Quote: 

The funny thing about time, I think, is how our perception of it tends to change how we experience events. We get nervous and watch the clock when we’re excited or afraid of something that’s happening. We ask for five more minutes to sleep in and it seems like it either passes very quickly or very slowly, depending on how we’re feeling about getting up. The thing about time, however, is that its just…well, time. It’s inexorable, consistent, and doesn’t go any faster or slower than we basically think it does.

That’s why playing this game seems to be as much of a commentary on our perception of time as it is on how it affects us when we want to get to something that we want to experience, like opening presents or being able to celebrate something. It isn’t time that’s the issue – it’s us being slowed down by perceiving that it’s happening. When you hear about “watched pots never boiling”, even though it’s completely untrue (you’re gonna boil that pot’s content no matter what if it keeps going the way that it is) it’s more of a message about how you perceive time rather than how it actually occurs. Oddly, but yet most effectively enough, the game’s mechanics lend you towards not perceiving time as a means of making it seem to go faster, when it’s just as slow or fast as it’s going to be regardless of how often you look at it. That being said, the message of not being too worried about time passing is perhaps a universal idea that more of us should probably aspire to.

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