336/365 – Meditation Games #336 – Paying Respects

Developer: Myriame Lachapelle

Launcher Quote: “i miss you.”

One of the things that I think has left a lasting impression on me from playing the games in this project is how simplicity can serve as a means by which we express big and significant ideas, feelings, or messages. Because there have been parameters surrounding these games that don’t allow for much in terms of explicitly explaining how to do things or what the point of the game is (at least in-game), developers have been tasked with sending their intent through the game’s play, visuals, or sounds, and that’s exactly what happens here in terms of paying respects to someone the developer misses.

What I think struck me the most, besides listening to the music that seemed to depict the sort of somber yet significant feeling the developer was going for, is the fact that you find the grave that you need to put the flower on, and that it looks unique to all the others. This really sends a message in a couple of ways – first, that death and the loss of loved ones is an inevitable and frequent thing that has happened since we’ve all been around, and that for each person, the experience is likely different – that while there are similar-looking graves, the one you zero in on is the one that, while the same-looking to others, is the one that you find a story for, that is for your grief alone. It’s an interesting message I felt being sent that shows that one person’s experience paying their respects may be different than someone else’s, but that each grave has a significant, unique meaning to those that set their loved one to rest.

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