334/365 – Meditation Games #334 – Procrastination Monster

Developer: Pierre Du Plessis

Launcher Quote: “Procrastination is a monster inside my head.

About two years ago, maybe more, I felt a slight discomfort in my side. It was never there before, and after it arrived, it wouldn’t go away.

Today, I still have this slight discomfort.

I don’t know what it is because I never had it checked out because you see, I am a procrastinator. Having it examined is the obvious thing to do, and yet I do not do it.

In the meantime, my imagination has concocted a monstrous vision of what lurks beneath my skin. Maybe one day, the vision will become so frightening that I will feel compelled to do finally something about it. Until then, You may play this game and we can pretend that people all around the world are fighting my imaginary monster.

What is probably just a Hernia, has become a monster inside my head.

– Pierre Du Plessis”

Procrastination as a monster is probably one of the most apt descriptions that I’d use as a way to show how there’s a constant struggle in order to try to get past it, though unlike the visual cue that this developer’s fun game takes with it in turning it into a shoot-em-up target I’d probably compare it more to a horror movie monster. Procrastination is the beast that lurks in the darkness, always seeming to manipulate and push you towards a bad end, and which, in rare occurrences, reveals itself and rears its ugly head in order to spook you into a haze of unproductive laziness.

Much of writing for this project has involved a fair bit of fighting this monster up front and personal, much like the game. I’ve bundled a lot of updates together rather than post every day, sometimes struggled to try to get to a game before it was unavailable again, and generally have tried not to let too much of it slide. But the shoot-em-up, frenetic pace of the game the developer has put out to depict it is perhaps the most apt comparison to how it basically is something that is constantly chasing you, constantly regenerating if you don’t keep it down, and can batter you as much as you shoot at it. I never really got to a point where I was able to beat the procrastination monster in this game, but maybe that’s more of a message about it being a constant struggle than it is a message about how it has the potential for being defeated forever.

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