314/365 – Meditation Games #314 – Around The World In 72 Days

Developer: Renaud Despinois

Launcher Quote: “On November 14th 1889, Nellie Bly began her trip around the world. Only 72 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes later, she was the first person to break Phileas Fogg’s record.

Retrace her journey…”

(A special thank you to Flyover Games, who have generously allowed me to use their screenshots, this one included, after I lost a few from my computer – go support them at the WaveCrash! website!)

A global record-breaking journey is one of those things that you would think only happens in cinema, in a movie theater where someone’s cooked up this wild concept of a race around the world and a thought toward breaking a record that has stood the test of time. But like anything with history, there are gems and ideas just waiting to be found that are actually reality – and those that are a testament to humankind’s ability to break out of its seeming limitations and achieve great things.

I had a bit of trouble navigating this particular entry that re-created one woman’s literal globetrotting achievements, but maybe that’s because I don’t do a huge amount of traveling myself. For a variety of reasons, I mostly keep to the homefront of where I’m from, which means that when there’s someplace that people talk about or show me that they went to, I’m always a vicarious participant in the stories and accounts from the trip. This game was sort of the same in this regard, as you go around the globe and eventually fill in the route that Nellie Bly took to break the record of fastest traveler around the world at the time, but I eventually managed to figure out all the places she went, which treated me to a big picture of the entire journey as well as some other bonuses.

Seeing the global trip in the context that I did was fascinating, because sometimes it does seem like the we as humans tend to focus on the here and now rather than the big picture. It’s a reminder to me that sometimes great things can take a significant amount of time to actually happen, and that you may not see the results of those until you look at the whole, and not just its parts.

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