313/365 – Meditation Games #313 – Baking Generosity

Developer: Shirley Tong

Launcher Quote: “???????? ?????????????????

It’s time to bake for a special someone!”

(A special thank you to Flyover Games, who have generously allowed me to use their screenshots, this one included, after I lost a few from my computer – go support them at the WaveCrash! website!)

For a few years now, I’ve taken up a baking hobby, and one of the reasons for this is because of the fact that it’s by its very nature, a giving hobby. I kinda think that most people don’t tend to bake for themselves (though if your thing is baking and devouring a whole tin of cookies for yourself, then more power to you). The idea is to give the goods to others and have them enjoy the fruits of your labor, and perhaps have the side benefit of tempting people into breaking diets and calorie limits with tasty treats.

Playing this game really reminded me of this. The idea was to add the ingredients, bake, and see what came out, all under the watchful eye of your interested (yet likely to be denied) doggo. To my delight, there were actually different outcomes – sure, you could make the default strawberry cake if you just threw all of it in, but you could use other knowledge about baking to make other stuff, like cookies or a plain sponge cake. I was actually pretty delighted to use my baking knowledge to predict the different outcomes.

But more than that, I was also really happy to see the result and to have thoughts about who would ultimately enjoy the baking. While I also bake for special someone(s), there’s also a kind of joy I feel for baking for strangers or people who aren’t as familiar with what I can whip up in the kitchen. That look of appreciation and delight over experiencing what I’ve created is enough to keep me going, especially during the holiday season when I have a chance to have more people than usual get something good to eat.

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