309/365 – Meditation Games #309 – Snow Show

Developer Credits: Omar Shehata, Jon Tiburzi

If there’s one thing that living where I’ve lived has taught me, it’s that I’m probably better suited to being in a place where I experience all four seasons, in all their best and their worst of times. Even though there are times when it seems like a big mistake has been made when it comes to how much the weather batters me on my morning commute or when I’m running errands, there’s rarely, if ever, a sign of regret from me for doing so – and part of the reason why that is, is perhaps the joy that I experience trying to share the changing nuances of the seasons with people who don’t get to deal with it year-round.

Snow is probably the biggest indicator of this. It’s not like I hate snow – in fact, as long as I don’t have to get my car stuck or slip and slide in it to risk an accident, snow is a fun thing to me. The way it fals, how it covers the ground, the presentation it gives to people who haven’t tracked their steps through it, the way it can pile into a collective that can be built and fashioned into a variety of things – the list goes on. Snow isn’t typically the problem – the cold is – and excluding that, showing people what snow is like when they don’t get to see it that often is a joy that sometimes, when I do it right, makes them forget that the cold is out there at all.

It’s possible when I’m older that I’ll change my tune – after all, it being nice and temperate all year has its charms and its benefits. But even if that’s the case, I’ll probably always hold a set of memories and delight that come from showing what I can do with snow, and giving others that opportunity. Sure, that might mean that showing someone how to make the best packed snowball of all time backfires spectacularly on me when one of them ends up splattered on my coat (or worse, my face), but it would still, even then, make it no less of a vicariously enjoyable experience. Sharing (snow) is caring, after all.

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