306/365 – Meditation Games #306 – Savannah White

Developer: princess

Launcher Quote: “sometimes ur alone in a room for a very long time but its ok”

This Meditation Games entry reminds me of one not a couple weeks ago that sort of used nothingness and emptyness as well as plain coloring as a bit of a negative – that the very idea of being on your own and in a place where there was not much of anything might have a negative effect on you, or which causes you in your isolation to not be able to deal with all that nothing. It’s an interesting idea, but there’s a subtle difference that I observed here that does make it as ok as the developer states, and that’s the subtle presentation of its plain, whitebread structure.

I’m not sure about what other people thought about walking through the simple couple of rooms of the room the developer says we’re alone in, but I find new, empty rooms in houses to be comforting, not something hurts me in any way. Empty rooms in a place that I know are possibilities, not things to be feared. It also helps that there’s a window out to a view to a savannah that is likely part of the inspiration for the title. The sense of isolation is dulled a bit by having a literal window to the outside world, showing you that there’s more to the place than just white walls and bricks.

Extended isolation probably would generate a bit of the negative feeling the developer is going for – the moving black “bugs” seem to reflect a kind of potential hallucination at being by yourself for so long. But generally, this was a relaxing experience for me. Maybe it’s because I’m mostly an optimistic person, but I’ve never been one to think of solitude for an extended period of time to be a bad thing. “a very long time” seems to be highly subjective, but maybe my tolerance for being alone is just higher than the average person’s.

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