309/365 – Meditation Games #309 – Snow Show

If there’s one thing that living where I’ve lived has taught me, it’s that I’m probably better suited to being in a place where I experience all four seasons, in all their best and their worst of times. Even though there are times when it seems like a big mistake has been made when it comes to how much the weather batters me on my morning commute or when I’m running errands, there’s rarely, if ever, a sign of regret from me for doing so – and part of the reason why that is, is perhaps the joy that I experience trying to share the changing nuances of the seasons with people who don’t get to deal with it year-round.

308/365 – Meditation Games #308 – Feline Fate

Re-inventing yourself in the course of your life is something that happens from an early age. If you don’t believe me, take a look through your old photos when you were young, then watch your progression as you not only grow naturally, but look and seem to act differently with what you have. You may change hairstyles, fashion, color preferences, or hobbies. You may appear differently as a result, and in the various stages of your life, you may make decisions that influence changes in you and set of a chain reaction of identity change.

306/365 – Meditation Games #306 – Savannah White

This Meditation Games entry reminds me of one not a couple weeks ago that sort of used nothingness and emptyness as well as plain coloring as a bit of a negative – that the very idea of being on your own and in a place where there was not much of anything might have a negative effect on you, or which causes you in your isolation to not be able to deal with all that nothing. It’s an interesting idea, but there’s a subtle difference that I observed here that does make it as ok as the developer states, and that’s the subtle presentation of its plain, whitebread structure.

305/365 – Meditation Games #305 – Potato Fawkes Day

Everyone knows about the normal major holidays of the year – Christmas, New Year’s, and the like – with some of the country-specific holidays following close behind. Interestingly enough, it’s the non-US specific holidays and customs that get a bit of the short shrift, and today’s entry reminded me of one of the ones mostly celebrated in the UK, Guy Fawkes Day. You’d think that a presentation of a customary holiday or day would be accompanied by more fanfare, but as this entry in the Meditation Games project shows, the celebration or day is not always the most memorable thing about experiencing it.