299/365 – Meditation Games #299 – Re-Leave The Stress

Developer: Fran Rodriguez

Launcher Quote: “Hola! Me llamo Fran Rodriguest (@FranHelix_) y he hecho Crshhh in Retiro.

Manejas una bota que se mueve por un suelo lleno de hojas que crujen y suenan a tu paso

La fecha es 29 de Octubre de 2017, y yo me encontraba en Madrid para asistir a mi primera (y no tima) feria de videojuegos como ponente. Iba a conocer a mucha gente, desarollaros indies, profesors y periodistas a los que admiraba y cuyo trabajo me paraca increible. Era demasiada presin, as que me fu a dar un paseo por el parque del Retiro. Encontre un sitio lleno de hojas y all estuve durante toda la tarde, pisando las hojas para olvidarme de todo lo que estaba pasando. Gracias a eso pude calmarme y estaba muy relajado cuando conoc a toda ests profesionales.”

Seasonal entries in the Meditation Games series always remind me of the time of year that it is, and are interesting because the day sthemselves are at times connected to experiences that the developers happened to be having in the past, that serve as the inspiration for their projects. Such as it is with this entry, a depiction of an activity that serves multiple purposes in terms of being able to relieve stress and enjoy oneself, even for a short amount of time – leaf stomping and crunching.

In the vast number of choices that you have in order to try to ensure that you’re not stressed out, such as the developer was when they were at a conference and needed to calm their nerves, stomping autumn leaves in a park isn’t really something that would pop out as obvious on my list. But the fact of the matter is that when you need to let go of nerves, stress, or otherwise difficult experiences that you are going through or are anticipating, you should pick whatever you think will work and will be effective enough to keep you from completely melting down. Where that is throwing a ball against a wall, an intense workout, or moving around and showing some fallen leaves who’s boss, there is no right way to relieve stress The point is that you manage to get rid of it, defer it, or otherwise ensure it isn’t bothering you in the present.

One of the best parts about stress relief is the right activities tend to feel like you are expelling the stress from your body and mind, sending it or banishing it elsewhere. In this sense, stomping on leaves is just the way to do this, seeming to push that stress from you, through your legs, and into the earth, into the fall leaves. It’s a lesson in telling people that there isn’t any one way to deal with it, and that the important thing is that you’re able to cope and move forward.

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