294/365 – Meditation Games #294 – Marshmallow Cozy

Developer: Henry Pullan

Launcher Quote: “In Scotland, October tends to bring about a chorus of “It’s getting colder and darker and I hate it” but for me this marks the beginning of the Cosy Season. To me Cosiness exists as a feeling of beating the cold of the oncoming Winter and it’s what I love about this time of year. It could be feeling the cold on your face highlighting the warmth under all your layers or not caring that it’s freezing in the tent that you pitched at the complete wrong time of year because you’re there with your friends. Maybe its feel of the fire in front of you, leaving your back chilly as you gaze up at the moon and forget about the marshmallow on the end of that stick…”

Being outdoors or camping has never really been my thing, and it’s partially for the reasons that the developer lists are good and exciting things about doing so. The elements, the cold, the difficulty at predicting the weather – these are all things that I don’t typically find appealing about being in the great outdoors. With the fact that we’ve gotten conveniences and technology that make it unnecessary to do so, it only really increases my discomfort at doing any kind of roughing it. But that doesn’t mean that what was presented in today’s entry isn’t fun or nice. Most everyone, including me, enjoys the experience of being in front of a natural campfire and roasting marshmallows, as well as being with friends doing so, and it’s that sense of coziness that the developer wants to depict with this entry.

You had the choice of going with whatever burn level you wanted your marshmallows to experience. I did manage to burn one by mistake starting out, perhaps as an inadvertent homage to the game’s launcher quote about forgetting about how charred the marshmallows can get in the process of dealing with the unexpected cold. But I did get a few that I preferred to be slightly edged with a bit of brown. The only thing that was missing was the chocolate and the graham crackers to make classic S’mores, but the feeling of contentment was still there for me, even though a screen and experiencing it through a game.

But that’s part of the point, I think – a way for the developer to find some kind of joy and contentment even if the cold of the season and having to deal with it in nature threatens to make things into an unfun experience. There’s an idea that you can still find value and good moments even when things aren’t going as you planned, and that, I believe, is a message that is applicable to more than just using marshmallow toasting as a way to warm up a rather cold night.

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