290/365 – Meditation Games #290 – Internal Bugaboo

Developer: Nathalie Lawhead

Internal dialogue can take many forms, especially when it comes to trying to figure out yourself and your own potential anxieties. Sometimes it’s a bit intangible-seeming, a kind of overarching presence that seeks to give you a direction to go. But sometimes it can take an actual form that your imagination and your worries give life. The latter is what I was reminded of going through today’s desktop-riding spider/bug of a game.

The spider seemed to invade my desktop rather than open in a separate window with it, crawling all over the place while trying to ask questions about my mental well-being. I really liked this touch to the entry – when it comes to anxiety and trying to conquer or at least minimize the mental bug associated with it, it does make sense that it seems invasive and not controlled on a variety of levels. The dialogue with it, where it occasionally stops and asks you a question while moving around, never seems to open into a particular dialogue tree, but is instead chosen at random. All of this is well and good as it really sells the whole idea that this is a bit of a literal bug in your ear, whispering to you about concerns and choices that you need to answer while moving forward, sometimes with more frantic and fast movement in response to confirming fears.

Ultimately, something like this serves to help take away some of the scariness of anxiety, at least insofar as it is non-corporeal and therefore left to our imaginations to make more intimidating and destructive than it actually is. Seeing these questions play out and watching the internal bug of the spider move back and forth is a good way of displaying how our own day to day lives and decisions can go, and how we can sometimes struggle – and, perhaps, at trying to gain some power back over it.


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