287/365 – Meditation Games #287 – Mile-High Memory

Developer: Gary Napper

Launcher Quote: “The 17th of October is a special day in my life for reasons you will understand when you play this. I wanted to recreate this day from the perspective of my wife for her and others to experience and preserve it is an event.”

While a lot of times memories are made even if the circumstances seem mundane, there is something to be said about making them in places and in situations where they’re truly memorable for how and where they unfold. Of all those types of memories, marriage proposals are one of those types of memories that benefits from being done in a setting that is not easily forgotten.

Games have a way of immortalizing memories of this nature because they’re not typically static (involving some kind of interaction in order to trigger) and also have a way of being easily repeatable as pieces of media. It’s pretty much why seeing the developer depict the proposal to his now-wife on a plane is a great way of preserving the memory – not only is it a presentation of the moment itself, but the fact is that it is literally a labor of love just adds to that notion that the developer finds this particular moment in their life special.

Perhaps sometimes overlooked when it comes to games is the idea that a games are sometimes as much about sharing something from the developers as much as it is presenting something for the players to enjoy. I like to think of game development as a whole as something of a way of sharing what’s important or what is interesting and cool from the developers to the players, and that’s definitely what happened here, especially considering the protagonist (the future wife) is the one who ultimately benefits from “winning” this particular game.


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