284/365 – Meditation Games #284 – Skydive Risk

Developer Credits: Luiz Gustavo, Adrien Combeca

Launcher Quote: “In october 14 of 2012 FElix Baumgartner made the highest sky dive ever and while this was a great record breaking moment, there were some dangerous moments, he probably felt dizzy and spinned out of control in the air, but he got the control back and could land safely, this was a nice, but also tense moment, we’d love that this day was remembered giving players some tension to keep things stable while diving.”

I’ll probably never really do a skydive ever. I played with the idea a bit when I was younger, but even with all the precautions that are taken with first time sky divers, like jumping with someone, ensuring that there’s adequate safety gear, and a rigorous testing of all equipment necessary for you not to splat on the ground unceremoniously, I just think I can’t do it. The stress, anxiety, and the difficulty of finding a justification besides saying I did it is too much, and that’s something I felt in a palpable way with this entry.

Trying to get used to the sounds and sights of this particular game, even if it involved basically dropping out of the sky, was definitely a challenge, as it was dependent for a bit on my input. But then, perhaps this is on purpose – the sort of sensory overload and feeling that you will need to think fast and be adaptive is in all likelihood a part of the actual experience of jumping out of a plane, and having to think about how you time things is of paramount importance. But in the end, I managed to at least play through the game a bit, and feel like I succeeded in understanding what it was like to get out of a plane and drop out of the sky.

That mix of exhilaration and anxiety is not unlike trying something new, doing something that is outside of your comfort zone, or otherwise taking a leap of faith when solid footing isn’t readily apparent or obvious. Are we being taught to be adventurous in all new things? Perhaps, especially as there are no guarantees that what you decide to pursue will succeed or even have a way of knowing how it will turn out. In that respect, we can at least be prepared and be responsive, just like we would on a sky dive towards earth.

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