283/365 – Meditation Games #283 – Folding Goals

Developer: John Langewisch

Launcher Quote: “Folding in preparation”

For a hot minute back in high school, I was really into origami. The Japanese paper folding practice was part of my deep dive into the rabbit hole of the culture, where my appreciation for all things anime and manga led me to become more familiar with things within the culture to educate and better myself. Origami was one of these – a sort of subtle art to folding origami paper into things which were both simplistic and elegant in their presentation.

Today’s entry reminded me of that time in my life, as stars were the name of the game as far as folding things. I was, of course, thankful that the folding was able to be done in a very easy way – clicking the mouse at the right place to fold properly was paramount, and certainly a lot easier than the clumsy attempts at folding that I’d done in my origami stint. But the true interest in origami that I had, which the game reminded me of, was the idea that the step-by-step folding was sort of a preparation – a kind of practice that allowed me to both create individual folded pieces but also create a collage of folded pieces that would end up being a part of a whole effort.

Sure enough, this game seemed to reinforce that concept with its ending, which certainly showed that what you were doing was part of something greater and more important – perhaps one of the most important days in many peoples’ lives. It’s a nice reminder that whether it’s folding things that make up a greater effort or completing small tasks that individually don’t mean anything on their own, it’s the small things collectively that make up the big goals and accomplishments, or in this case, big events.


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