282/365 – Meditation Games #282 – Deadline Orchestral

Developers: Alex Fortes, Bruno Cardoso

Launcher Quote: “Don’t give everything for a deadline, because… you know what comes after one? Another deadline.”

Deadlines and trying to rush through to meet one are a thing that everyone’s gone through before, whether that is for school to try to finish some work, for a job where you’re trying to pull through a project over the goal line, or at home to be able to do what you need to in order to ensure that you’ve got your basic necessities, or for planning vacations. They’re a constant specter over you, and definitely have the potential to overwhelm you as they get closer to being done.

One of the best things about this entry is the combination of orchestral music and the frantic nature of filling the progress bar, before time expires. Unlike some of the ways that games tend to approach deadlines (normally with some kind of fast paced rock or pop element to them), having the classical music delivers a juxtaposition of elegance to something that is not close to being elegant when it comes to trying to get something done under the wire. The fact that you’re clicking like a crazy person trying to get to the end of the progress bar, just adds to this feeling of chaos. It doesn’t really help that the progress bar appears to not recognize some of the percentage progress, either – but I suspect that was done on purpose just to add to the authenticity of having to rush to a deadline and missing some stuff along the way that you have to go back to deal with.

I never really got to the end successfully when trying the game out, but perhaps that might have been part of the point – both to send a message about not getting into this situation in the first place by being more prepared, and by making certain that if you do get into this situation, to not lose your nerve to the point of not being able to focus and finish the task. It’s a lesson in both discipline and grace under fire – though one hopes that either way, an orchestral piece accompanies you as your soundtrack for doing so.


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