278/365 – Meditation Games #278 – Guide Dog

Developer: Cesar Abraham Dominguez Garza

Launcher Quote: “Octubre es un mes muy especial para mi. Ademas que el 8 de octubre es mi cumpleanos, en general la temporada me gusta. Cuando ye dejo de hacer calor y todo se empieza a sentir un poco frio, el horario cambia al de inviemo, la gente se disfraza y las tradiciones nos reunen. Este mes tambien fue el mes donde fallcio mi primera mascota, pero tambien fue el mes en que la recibi en mi hogar. Nunca voy a olvidar a mi perro Dugi y los anos que nos divertimos juntos, io extranare por siempre, me entra mucho sentimento acordarme de sus ultimos dias donde lo ayudaba a comer y a limpiarse, pero el me dio tanto toda su vida que sigue pareciendo poco. Si bien nunca conoci cuando fue el dia que nacio con exactitud ahora quiero pensar que su compleanos pudo ser el mismo que el mio.

Gracias por eschuchar!”

There’ve been a few entries in the Meditation Games project that have focused on pets and our relationship with them, but not terribly many that have focused in on the pet as the protagonist. I’ve played games in this project where interactions with the pets were front and center, but we were always the main character as the player. That changed with this entry, which seemed to be a trip through a park or a zoo with the dog as the character you control, serving a critical function for the npc humans that followed them.

People tend to talk about cats as the ones that tend to lead humans around or have them wrapped around their paws, but dogs aren’t without their ability to lead and help humans, either. Whether it’s through rescue dogs, through dogs that sniff out things for the police, or dogs that simply have a will of their own at home and seem to have the human with the lead on a leash rather than the other way around, dogs have the capability to guide and lead humans around. In this case, being on what appears to be a quest to lead the lemmings-like humans around to see the sights is proof that the developer was probably thinking about how his own dog expressed a desire to both stay by him and go with him places.

I think one of the best and most telling things of playing the guide dog and getting to these places was the appreciation you get from the npcs when needed or necessary. There’s a lot of loving going around for the doggo, and its that sense of kindness and reward that no doubt keeps most dogs going and as faithful to their owners as the “man’s best friend” moniker tends to attribute to them. It definitely makes celebrating their memory much more wonderful, even after they’re gone, and you remember how they helped you as much as you helped and cared for them.


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