273/365 – Meditation Games #273 – Closer Orbits

Developer: Jared Hahn

Launcher Quote: “Untitled Movement of Us #1

The more we move closer

The less space between us

The less space between us

The closer we are

X & C move us

We connect to move forward

We connect to move forward


In life, we make conscious choices in terms of the distance that we keep between ourselves and other, individual people in our lives. There’s a reason for the concept of personal space – aside from the fact that it does refer to the fact that there’s a bit of an invisible area around us, it literally has the word space in it, which, considering today’s piece of artwork, appears to have the inadvertent effect of referring to space as in outer space, and a set of very similar circumstances surrounding the orbits of planets and other such celestial objects.

Just as magnetic pulls can bring two planets or a moon and a planet in closer proximity to one another in terms of their orbit, so too do we sometimes gradually pull people into our orbit, our personal space, because we want them to be there. We consider some people closer than others and allow some people but not others to hold the keys to the secrets we carry, to be regulars in a world that is increasingly hard to put down roots in, and to feel less alone. It’s true that there may be such a thing as being too close, as the consequence of bringing the two orbs together was to me a bit of a collision and explosion of the world that the developer created, but for the most part, you can appreciate someone using this kind of analogy to display the phenomenon of human interaction.

There isn’t really any right or wrong answer to the distance, however, despite this consequence. The point is that we make choices about how close we are to people, and that at least in the developer’s opinion, that being closer means being blended a bit more into that personal space, and not being as alone any longer. The point is that being closer together means less of that space is your own, and while it might feel like it’s not a big deal, it certainly can be the longer you let someone into that orbit that you used to occupy. It’s an interesting take on the human need and benefit/drawbacks of letting someone in, and one we all can ponder in our everyday interactions with people.

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