271/365 – Meditation Games #271 – Confidence Second Wind

Developer: Noe

Launcher Quote: “hope to all of you who are waiting for change you don’t have control over. whether it’s getting enough money to allow you to move out, graduating/leaving school, starting out, or anything else. change always comes, and the waiting will be worth it. things will be alright, and you’ll make! here’s to a sign of hope, and the strength it gives you to keep on!! <3”

Life changes tend to happen to most people on this little planet we call Earth, and they often come in the form of leaving the old and starting the new, or otherwise making a change that is vastly different than what they are doing now. Oftentimes this is filled with a sense of dread, or a kind of confidence hit that comes from leaving something behind that feels familiar and safe, and setting off into the great unknown of the new and potentially scary.

Playing through the game, seeing the life bar dip almost to zero, I tended to panic a little as I saw the bar empty. We’ve been conditioned as gamers to watch bars and try as hard as we can to try to ensure that our perceived life energy – that which is intimately connected to whether or not we live through the game and progress or are sent back to the last savepoint – is as full as possible. To watch it dip down almost to nothing worried me a bit – but perhaps that could have been part of the point when it comes to the anxiety that tends to accompany leaving something behind, as the character you play does when they leave and arrive somewhere else.

The bar filling back up as you arrive in a new place is, I think, a nice little message that seems to match the encouragement from the OP – that you need not worry so much about how awful something new can be, or that it might not work out. That’s always a distinct possibility, but it’s no more of a possibility than it is to know that things are going to be much better, that your confidence will get a boost from being in a place where there is a whole new level of possibilities as much as there are perils, and that our life bar can get replenished by new and interesting experiences. It’s a bit of an optimistic hope, perhaps, but that I think is nevertheless worth working toward, if not at minimum hoping for as a whole.

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