265/365 – Meditation Games #265 – Far From Home

Developer Credits: Marina Diez, Fernando Porta

Launcher Quote: “24th September

What is the feeling when you need to leave you country? What is the feeling when you leave behind your friends? Your family? Everything. What is the feeling when you look from the security control and you see them saying bye? They are very close to you, but you already are far, far away. Far from home.”

Travel has always made me a mixture of nervous and excited. On the one hand, you feel a bit tentative about going away from home for a little bit, especially if it’s to a place you haven’t been before. On the other, it’s a nice little change from your normal routine, a way to plan to check out some places and do things that aren’t local to you, and overall just try to do something different and perhaps new.

This Meditation Games entry, one that is a simple travel adventure game, shows just how far you go and to which places, from end to end. One of the most enjoyable parts of this game was seeing how creative the developer got with presenting the sights – showing complex whole screen photos of scenery that are depicted within the limits of the Atari like graphics isn’t an easy task, but the developer does it, adding to the spectacle of travel and seeing landmark sights and remembering them.

Even though being far from home is always a bit of a scary prospect, generally I think the message being sent here is that it’s important to push your boundaries and go outside of your local box once in a while, because you could encounter something profound that could have an effect on your mindset or your overall life. Even though travel for more than just learning something about ourselves or the world around us, it’s still a possibility that we should have an open mind about.

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