251/365 – Meditation Games #251 – The Anxiety Emoji Mob

While I’m not someone who experiences anxiety, I’ve had it explained to me a ton by those who do experience it and struggle to deal with it every day. One of the consistent explanations I’ve heard is that it’s a feeling of being overwhelmed, of too much input being taken in to the brain and threatening to break it, of a sort of overexposure to stimuli and feelings and ideas that paralyzes people into inaction. This game, however, takes a more visual approach to it, in all the right ways, and with a modern take.

250/365 – Meditation Games #250 – Melody Maker Of The Gods

Sometimes the most interesting and beautiful things can come from the most unexpected places. Music is very much the medium in which this happens quite a bit. It has genres that span different sounds and styles, it has a ton of passionate and dedicated artists, and most of all, it’s one creation away from making something that is remembered and iconic.

249/365 – Meditation Games #249 – Fortune In The Cards

Fortune telling, to me has always been a bit of a crap shoot to me, and while that might seem like I’m being cynical about it, it’s more that I’m a bit of a pragmatist when it comes to trying to resort to something that seems arcane and non-traditional in order to see how the future is going to turn out. To me, a skeptic, the randomness inherent to fortune telling means that any notion of divining what might happen is a function more of something else besides the actual power of the fortune telling method.

248/365 – Meditation Games #248 – Still Harbor

There’s something to be said about going to a place in order to re-center yourself. Some people use the opportunity to take a mental health day and decide to take vacations that take them to far-flung corners of the earth. Others decide to stay at home and take the time in a more local setting to help relax and try to take it easy. Regardless of where you decide to go – the objective is the same – to find a place, mentally, where you can feel like that you can recover from the grind of daily life.