260/365 – Meditation Games #260 – Long Distance No More

Developer Credits: Cukia Kimani, Henrike Lode

Launcher Quote: “The day Henrike Lode moved to Johannesburg to be with Cukia Kimani. <3”

Distance relationships are perhaps one of the biggest challenges for any two people to overcome. Regardless of how any relationship that has a bit of distance between it can try to simulate the feeling of being there on a regular basis with each other, there’s no substitute for being around and being able to be together on a regular basis. I have the deepest respect for anyone who can make it work, just because of the difficulty of maintaining things in that situation, which I think makes any move to change that all the more satisfying.

This game’s presentation is a walk down memory lane, as the two developers, now together, recall in pictorial format the time that they spent together that they know was precious due to the normally vast distance between them that was carried. You get to see different places and memories, and select to see them in turn, outlining a long-term relationship spanning a number of years, and which has endured. These are the kinds of things that make a more permanent solution to the distance problem so nice to see, because the sense is that this has been an outcome that both developers have been working toward for quite some time.

There’s also, I think, a sense of wanting to validate the value and perhaps the hope that others that are in a similar situation distance-wise might want to see from playing a game like this. Like Henrike and Cukia, there may be others going through the same kind of challenges with long distance, and the fact that the few memories shared when that distance doesn’t exist are precious ones. The idea, hopefully, is that these memories serve as the foundation to someday close that long distance situation, and to not lose hope that it won’t happen someday. That kind of optimism is needed for things like this, and here, at least, is one story about long distance that had a happy ending.


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