258/365 – Meditation Games #258 – Oceanside Drive

Developer: Anna The Dev

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Driving has perhaps been, for me, one of my most freedom-inducing activities that I typically engage in. The idea of me going from one destination to another, under my own power, and with choice for where I want to go has always been a way for me to relax and know that I don’t have to think about the stresses of the world. All I need to think about is concentrating on the road, getting to where I’m going, and being as safe as possible – and perhaps as a bonus, taking in the scenery and activity as well.

This entry is a fairly simple one – you’re driving along what seems to be an ocean or body of water on the side, and the road appears to go on endlessly as relaxing music plays in the background. This is perhaps exactly the feeling I want to remember and elicit when I’m driving around, and while it feels a little too much 1950’s-ish Sunday drive, it’s nevertheless a feeling that shouldn’t be underestimated.

In actuality, it’s a bit like a form of meditation, as the activity allows you to clear your head, get re-focused, and perhaps do a little thinking (all while hopefully not being distracted enough by that to not drive safely). It’s funny how that might seem like not the way that you should do so, but like many things, meditation can take a lot of different forms. A relaxing drive with equally relaxing tunes isn’t so far out of the realm of possibility that it might provide you with the headspace you need to get things done and ultimately get right for the sometimes stressful challenges of the real world.

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