255/365 – Meditation Games #255 – Lost Conversations

Developer: mel kim

Launcher Quote: “a message sent to the void, to a ghost-not-a-ghost.
you question your reality every year wondering and agonizing,
and someday you might get your answers,
but maybe you won’t, and that’s okay.
it’s okay and you can grow from this.
move on and you will meet new people,
find new, important people.
and you will love them,
and you will be loved.”

One of the hardest things that I’ve had to accept in my life, as someone who values connections and relationships with others, is accepting the reality that for all the connections you make, some of them can strengthen and weaken, and sometimes drift in and out, of your life as time passes. A friendship once close can drift apart as life progresses, a connection made might seem to be sustainable only for it to experience a disconnect, and life in general can take us from circle to circle of people as we ourselves get to other places in our lives where priorities can change. I’ve always wanted to maintain and be significant in anyone’s life that I touch, and letting go of that can be difficult, which is why this game speaks to me more than others in the series.

The game itself is a simple presentation of sending a message into the ether, of that fear that it won’t be read, or that worse, that it will be read and it will be summarily ignored. The message sent by the person in the game drifts away slowly, and the person themselves, at first anticipating a quick answer but eventually (and perhaps sadly) moving on from it is typical of a lot of the emotional reaction that people sometimes feel when someone that they once felt close to isn’t as close any longer.

The key, I think, is not to call that a judgment of the person on the other end of the message line, so to speak, but to present a reality of human interaction. There are some people who actually will be a part of your lives on a frequent and even daily basis, but there are also others that, for whatever reason, will drift away from you. Assuming you yourself don’t have to change something about yourself that might be dictating that driftaway (and we should all be conscious of doing that so that we can be better people), this is a normal part of life. When the chips are down, one hopes that those who you’ve forged connections to would re-enter your life to help, but even if that isn’t the case, we should all, as humans, try not to judge them or be upset at them for that happening. Life is a set of experiences, filled with interactions with people who come into and out of our lives, and the best we can do is hope that we’ve had as positive of an impact on them as they did on us.

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