254/365 – Meditation Games #254 – Beach Dog Life

Developer Credits: Zoe Vartanian, Badru


Occasionally, at my busiest of days, I have a great deal of envy for pets, and in particular, dogs who are living their best life cared for by their owners and given the opportunity to explore and be, well, the best doggos they can be. While cats do this as well, the style in which they live life is distinctly different than those of dogs, many of whom are eternally curious, happy to run around in places, and dig and sniff to their heart’s content.

This is probably why setting this game at the beach and giving your first-person control of a dog is perhaps the best microcosm of presenting dog life that you can. There’s infinite space to run around, a bunch of objects that could catch your fancy, and there’s enough digging space to probably last a dog’s lifetime. This is where simple activities become your entire world – running, barking, digging, looking around at places – this is the dog’s best feeling, aside from their owners giving them what they want of course, and it’s one that gives you a sense of just how enjoyably narrow the scope of what they need to be happy is.

Obviously, if you’re reading this, you’re not a dog and you have priorities and worries and ideas that are decidedly more important than how far you can dig in the beach on a particular day out. But like a lot of other entries in this series, sometimes it’s good to change your perspective, get your head out of things that are complex to appreciate things that are simple, and remember that there are other perspectives to approach the world to begin with. In a time when we tend more towards the cynical rather than the optimistic, getting to step into a dog’s shoes – or paws, as it were – is a welcome temporary distraction.


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