252/365 – Meditation Games #252 – Mundane Meaningful Memories

Developer Credits: Danny Gallagher, Matthew Lyons

Launcher Quote: “Robert Rowan


I’m always interested in playing the Meditation Games entries that have something that you do without any real preamble in the launcher quote about what they might be about. This means that as the player, you have to try to figure out what they’re trying to say, and make inferences and assumptions (even if they’re wrong) about what message they’re trying to send. In this case, the act of kicking a soccer ball around what looks to be a park or part of the city has a significance that has to be gleaned.

The way that I see it, seemingly mundane activities that other people do that are the same as what you do can have different levels of significance, especially as it might relate to someone that you are close to that’s no longer with you. I’ve seen people that have attached the most significant purpose and meaning to something as normal as going to eat as a specific restaurant, or taking a drive every week, or in this case, kicking a ball around.

That this is related to someone who potentially passed away makes the connection to this activity more than just mundane, but instead, a memory that is meaningful and significant. We’ll probably never know exactly why the soccer play around the city is significant to the person that was lost, but the important thing to realize is that to someone (in this case the developer), it was perhaps one of the best ways to keep them alive in both memory and the game.

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