250/365 – Meditation Games #250 – Melody Maker Of The Gods

Developer Credits: Juju Adams, Jing Chun Tan, Otomata

Launcher Quote: “Amalthea, the third moon of Jupiter, was discovered on September 9th 1892 by a human called Edward Barnard. It is one of an incalculable number of gigantic irregular rocks that scatter the Universe. Barnard’s birthplace – Earth – was at that time preoccupied with hosting sentient life, though neither the planet nor the species on it ever had much luck communicating. Amalthea watched Earth and, as is often the case for gigantic irregular rocks, felt lonely.

Barnard later discovered a star. The star itself had always known it had existed, and wasn’t bothered about being discovered by a spec of thinking carbon 6 lightyears away. It was a red dwarf and had much more important things to think about, such as trying very hard to not run out of hydrogen.

The star was eventually named “Barnard’s Star”, which is predictably unimaginative. However, Amalthea liked her name – a caring mother who raised a young Jupiter, God of gods, the very planet she found herself orbiting. Having a name made Amalthea feel less alone. She hoped the humans would get in touch soon. She was sure they’d love to pop round for tea, and meet the sentient life evolving under her icecaps.”

Sometimes the most interesting and beautiful things can come from the most unexpected places. Music is very much the medium in which this happens quite a bit. It has genres that span different sounds and styles, it has a ton of passionate and dedicated artists, and most of all, it’s one creation away from making something that is remembered and iconic.

Music maker games are kind of a bit like playing a god – you’re making things from nothing, you have just about complete agency to create something that is uniquely yours, and you get to see it in action. There are bunches of games that are like this, perhaps less popular now than they were back then (I’m looking at you, Populous and Black and White) but the sense of satisfaction is no less apparent or felt working with this game. It might be part of the reason why the developers chose a bit of mythology involving Roman gods for this, something that is not out of the realm of understanding to try to convey the message around making melodies and music as a whole.

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