249/365 – Meditation Games #249 – Fortune In The Cards

Developer: Zenuel

Launcher Quote: “Carefully, he sets five cards face down between the two of you.

He looks up from his work and realizing you’ve been watching him do this, a gentle shade of lavender surfaces on his cheeks, his gaze escapes back to the cards laid before you, and he removes his glasses, partially to hide his bashfulness.

You brush some of his feathers away to the side of the cards, and something stirs beneath your heart, you choose to ignore it and focus instead on the cards he has laid before you.”

Fortune telling, to me has always been a bit of a crap shoot to me, and while that might seem like I’m being cynical about it, it’s more that I’m a bit of a pragmatist when it comes to trying to resort to something that seems arcane and non-traditional in order to see how the future is going to turn out. To me, a skeptic, the randomness inherent to fortune telling means that any notion of divining what might happen is a function more of something else besides the actual power of the fortune telling method.

In this case, the fortune is told using cards, five of which are given to you and which you are asked to choose from in the game. There’s not terribly much to it – a card is chosen, it’s shown to you, and you are left to contemplate the meaning of what’s been given to you, without much explanation. Part of what I think is missing from this particular game experience is the fortune teller themselves – the person that either claims to know or is at the very least dictating the meaning of the cards in question. It makes for an experience that is only half-formed, seemingly.

But maybe that’s the point. Fortune-telling, to me, has always been more about what someone chooses to believe or mentally concludes from what’s put in front of them. The mind has a way at times of trying to fit an outcome into a narrative that matches or validates something that’s being thought of in the brain, and fortune telling is perhaps one of the purest forms of that, ever. In this sense, it’s more you, than the fortune teller, that has the power to predict or known about your own destiny, and it might just explain why you’re the only active participant or character in this Meditation Games entry.


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