244/365 – Meditation Games #244 – Memory Package

Developer: Allison Salmon

Launcher Quote: “Packing up your belongings forces you to closely examine and stand in judgement of every possession you have accumulated. It is a trip into your past, a chance to rediscover long forgotten treasures or let go of old memories weighing you down. Packing can be a bitter end or the beginning of an exciting new adventure.”

We’ve seen a few Meditation Games entries that have talked a little about the experience of moving or re-locating to other places, and each of them has taken a tack on trying to figure out memories and how those are preserved in the things that you take with you. This one is no different, and adds to that pile of entries that show how you take a lot of your identity with you in the things that you have.

I was distinctly reminded of those games back in the day that were adventures where you would acquire items and be able to view them by rotating them after taking them out. In modern times, games like the Uncharted series and Tomb Raider have popularized this sort of item archaeology, and even though we’re not looking at ancient artifacts, we’re nevertheless picking up history and looking at it, as you look at acquired items and memories and appreciating their significance.

The rediscovery of the past might seem to be looking too far behind instead of forward, but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of looking for where you’ve come from in order to be better for the future. These sorts of temporarily pickups of what you’ve boxed away and what you’ve remembered from what you’ve lived already are no less important or significant to moving on to current and hopefully future success.

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