243/365 – Meditation Games #243 – Cave Music

Developer: Charlie Pedrell

Launcher Quote: “This day is meaningful to me because it’s the day I released my first music album (Night Hiking), even though it’s short, it means a lot to me. While I was making it, I would picture all kinds of places in my head, one of those places was a cave.

This cave is a little different, you’ll probably hear something, some melodies coming from the deepest parts of the cave.

September is a special month for me for many reasons and that’s one of them, summer is also about to end but the power of music will always cheer me up.

“You may find the end where it all comes together.”

One of the really awesome things about music is the fact that it relies primarily on one sense (hearing), can affect your other senses with its presentation, but is not necessarily needing to do so in order to be discovered, found, or appreciated. Music itself, no matter what genre it’s in, has a sensory power to it that makes it one of the most inspiring experiences to draw upon in life. That’s what makes the presentation of a dark cave with mostly aural cues to be very ingenious to me.

While it did seem to me that I was stumbling along, trying to follow the occasional glowing lights that turned into directional keys for me, this seemed to be a part of not just appreciating music but also the musical process. Oftentimes the musicians that I know start by tentatively reaching into the darkness, trying to create something that doesn’t currently existing, discovering the notes and beats that eventually create something original and new from a musical sense.

Having to go through this experience visually is so important to help people appreciate music and the musical creation process a lot more. While I’m musically inclined, I know that for those that are not, that this is important to being able to pull back the curtain to show how it might be visualized and how it works. When people understand what goes into the process of how something is made, the level of respect for that inevitably goes up, and that’s a good thing.

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