240/365 – Meditation Games #240 – Cleanup Satisfaction

Developer: Ryan Soulard

Launcher Quote: “Wash it all away”

While I’ve always enjoyed a little bit of “healthy clutter”, so to speak, in my life, I really do feel like when it comes time to tidy things up, there’s a big sense of satisfaction that comes from having done it. It’s always a bit of effort and lot of willpower to get yourself started, but the way that cleaning and organizing can provide a sense of order to your life instead of rampant chaos is one of its biggest benefits.

Today’s entry is about one of the most common tasks cleaning, that being cleaning in a sink and washing everything, and the sink, up to be able to have both dishes for use and a sink that’s clean and free of old, eventually disgusting dirtiness. When I’ve felt a little bit out of sorts and need to refocus myself, I’ve always been able to fall back on the idea of cleaning and busywork, ensuring that my hands are set to something while I contemplate trying to figure out something larger and more intimidating than a bit of soap scum on my pots and pans.

The fact that the developer uses the simple quote of washing it all away lends itself to the cathartic nature of doing so – that it isn’t just something that helps keep you focused but also is a bit of a release to do so. You look at the result after a little bit of work, and you start to see why you started it in the first place – seeing something clean and fresh and ready to use again is a means to wash away what was there before, and to try to get a new start for the next time you employ what you’re cleaning. Such as it is with life, when your mind is disordered and chaotic with a sense of loss of control to it, and you need to set it right all over again. Cleaning your mind is not so much different than cleaning and washing the sink in that sense.

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