236/365 – Meditation Games #236 – Sapphic Guitar

Developer Credits: Ryan Rose Aceae, Tammy Duplantis, Robin

Launcher Quote: “On August 24, 2008, at age thirteen, I had my Big Gay Awakening. When my mom brought me along with her to an extremely sapphic Melissa Etheridge concert, all I could think during the entire show (and the ride home…and the next several days) was “I’m gay I’m gay I’m gay” on infinite loop. Seeing a bunch of cute girls holding hands will do that to you.

So…enjoy this rendition of Melissa Etheridge’s “Mama I’m Strange” by Tammy Duplantis, on Etheridge’s iconic 12-string guitar, except all of the tracks are just the words “I’m gay” over and over again.”


Defining events in our lives can take a lot of forms, but can also be wrapped in things which we would treat as normal or wouldn’t necessarily have significance on their own. But the funny thing about these sorts of events is that they can tend to elicit feelings or ideas that can stay with us. In this case, a Melissa Etheridge concert ends up creation a realization about the developer’s sexuality that lasts with them until today.

The fact that this event is also paired with music is another bonus to adding to the significance of the event. Music is oftentimes the way to create emotions and encourage epiphanies that words often have difficulty doing – and when you pair actual lyrics with the music, it just enhances the message that is being sent, or the potential messages that can be sent to people that are enjoying and listening to it. In this case, the developer found that message being sent not just through one song but through the entire experience in the event. It’s what makes playing the guitar rendition and lighting it up in the pride flag colors more of an emphasis for that, as you listen to the diverse tones that say one thing over and over again.

In the end, reflecting back on how certain events that seem like they would be one offs, but which end up changing the trajectory of your life is an important part of being able to remember and understand how you got to where you were today. It can create moments focused on specific parts of those events that can be profound and affect you, and can show you a path that leads you to what you’re doing today. Such self-reflection is the key to being and doing even more in the future.


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