233/365 – Meditation Games #233 – Parts of the Ephemeral Whole

Developer: Phil Fortier

Launcher Quote: “On August 21 2017, a total solar eclipse was experienced from coast to coast over the USA. I witnessed the event from a remote mountain top in Oregon, and the experience was much more profound than I had expected it would be.

This game attempts to recreate the experience and focuses on:
1) the eerie and unusual light
2) trying to absorb and observe as much as possible (eyes and ears) from such an ephemeral event.
3) the tension between documenting and experiencing.
Take your time observing the little details :-)”

I’ve always been intrigued by those events that happen only every so often that you can miss for years if you don’t catch them when they’re happening right at that moment. These are most often scientific in nature, and are interesting precisely for their scarcity but also their profound presence. The idea that something that is only available for a limited time and is something that needs to be experienced while you can is very much within my sort of “seize the day” mentality when it comes to life experiences.

The developer for this Meditation Games entry made an attempt to focus on one of these ephemeral events, an eclipse, and turns it into an interactive experience with a set of experiences that try to capture the various things and elements experienced when going through it.  It was nice to work my way through doing things like picking up my phone, taking some safe eclipse pictures, interacting with others experiencing the event, and overall trying to create the experience of going through an eclipse without actually being there.

The developer talked a bit about noticing and experiencing the little things, and whether it was with the conversations with the other observers, watching the eclipse gradually, or taking different pictures. The message being sent here is that the little things matter as much as the overall experience of the event in question, and in fact can be seen as essential parts of ensuring that you’re getting to live it as much as possible. It’s a good message to send, as most of these rare events are as much about what surrounds experiencing them as experiencing them at all.


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