235/365 – Meditation Games #235 – Social Syncing Strain

As school approaches, and those who have been away from academic pursuits wince as they count down the days to getting back to the grind, there’s also an element of difficulty that those who have trouble trying to make sure their social awkwardness doesn’t leak out too far when trying to meet new fellow students, teachers, and other connections that they may have to establish in the course of their time in school. I know that for me, until I changed my outlook on things after arriving in college, I was in this group, and the struggle to do so is perfectly depicted in this entry.

234/365 – Meditation Games #234 – White Noise

Distractions abound in our daily lives, threatening to remove our focus and keep us from being productive or getting anything done. They can take a variety of forms, like a non-productivity chameleon seeking to destroy our ability to work and finish what we’re choosing to try to deal with. But no matter what way that they appear, they can all be boiled down to what amounts to be white noise, whether literal or figurative.

233/365 – Meditation Games #233 – Parts of the Ephemeral Whole

I’ve always been intrigued by those events that happen only every so often that you can miss for years if you don’t catch them when they’re happening right at that moment. These are most often scientific in nature, and are interesting precisely for their scarcity but also their profound presence. The idea that something that is only available for a limited time and is something that needs to be experienced while you can is very much within my sort of “seize the day” mentality when it comes to life experiences.